Picture of Software


The software driving the SRS runs on standard PCs and has a highly modular design. The DUECA architecture provides real-time performance, low-latency data transport and precise synchronisation. Aircraft models, fly-by-wire algorithms, cockpit displays, etc. can be very easily adapted.

Several computer systems based on PC technology guarantee optimal performance of the simulator: a real-time host computer, computers for the motion system, for the flight-deck equipment and vehicle controls, for the image generator, flight-deck sounds and vehicle noise. All software is built up modularly using the Delft University Environment for Communication and Activation (DUECA), so that new software can be added easily in a flexible way. The software is used for simulations of different fidelity levels, ranging from desktop single PC simulations, to the fixed base Human-Machine Systems Lab of Delft Aerospace and to the SIMONA Research Simulator.

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