Picture of SAFAR: Small Aircraft Future Avionics Architecture
Flight deck

SAFAR: Small Aircraft Future Avionics Architecture

  • Status: Completed
  • From April 2008 until April 2012

EU research for next generation small aircraft.

SAFAR (small aircraft future avionics architecture), a project sponsored by the EU under the FP7 funding scheme, aimed to develop a low-cost fly-by-wire platform and advanced interfaces for general aviation aircraft.  The hardware and software were successfully installed and tested in a Diamond DA 42 Twinstar aircraft. Our contribution to the project was to develop the fly-by-wire software, flight displays, and build a complete closed-loop simulation of the setup in our world-class SIMONA Research Simulator.

The SAFAR promo movie, broadcasted by EuroNews, can be viewed here:

An impression simulator recording of the SAFAR flight display and features can be viewed here: