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Flight deck

  • Avionics multi-touch interfaces

    • Status: Completed
    • From May 2012 until June 2013

    Exploiting touch screen technology for direct manipulation purposes. Touch screen technology has experienced significant improvements recently, evolving to several s...

  • In-flight 4D trajectory revision

    • Status: Completed
    • From January 2011 until October 2011

    Supporting 4D trajectory revisions on the flight deck. To accomplish air traffic growth in a safe and efficient way, future air traffic management concepts require a...

  • In-flight terrain and traffic avoidance

    • Status: Completed
    • From February 2010 until December 2010

    Toward integrating terrain and traffic constraints. Future airspace operations will allow flight crews to plan and fly their own preferred route and time of arrival ...

  • SAFAR: Small Aircraft Future Avionics Architecture

    • Status: Completed
    • From April 2008 until April 2012

    EU research for next generation small aircraft. SAFAR (small aircraft future avionics architecture), a project sponsored by the EU under the FP7 funding scheme, aime...

  • Ecological approach to pilot terrain awareness

    • Status: Completed
    • From April 2004 until June 2009

    This project aimed to increase pilot terrain awareness by enhancing flight deck displays with ecological overlays that make the aircraft maneuvering capabilities sal...

  • Airborne self separation

    • Status: Active
    • Since April 2004

    Distributed control by airborne self separation. The advent of automation in the cockpit has greatly affected the nature of the tasks on the flight deck, as well as ...

  • Aircraft energy management

    • Status: Active
    • Since January 2004

    Linking low-level controls and the high order system goals. One of the most difficult aspects of manually controlled flight is the coupling between the control over...