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Air traffic control

  • MAHALO: Modern ATM via Human/Automation Learning Optimisation

    • Status: Active
    • From June 2020 until December 2022

    Supporting the transition to higher levels of automation in aviation by creating and empirically evaluating next generation computer-based tools In the emerging age ...

  • MUFASA 2: What drives automation acceptance in ATC?

    • Status: Completed
    • From November 2014 until August 2015

    Studying factors underlying automation acceptance. The first MUFASA project provided empirical evidence that both acceptance and strategic conformance are important ...

  • Context-aware adaptive automation in ATC

    • Status: Active
    • Since August 2012

    Adaptive automation in ATC. Despite the benefits and huge advances in (aviation) automation over the last decades, the current automated tools are in many cases unaw...

  • Arrival management in the presence of arrival time uncertainty

    • Status: Active
    • Since August 2011

    Supporting arrival management by visualizing uncertainty. To balance the flow of inbound aircraft and the capacity at airports, more and more Air Navigation Service ...

  • 4D ATM: traffic sequencing and merging

    • Status: Active
    • Since August 2011

    Merging and sequencing arrivals in 4D. In the coming decades, the task of an air traffic controller is expected to shift to one of strategic, trajectory-based air tr...

  • MUFASA: Multi-dimensional Framework for Advanced SESAR Automation

    • Status: Completed
    • From May 2011 until July 2013

    Acceptance of advanced decision-aiding automation. MUFASA, Multidimensional Framework for Advanced SESAR Automation, aimed to develop a framework for designing futur...

  • C-SHARE: Shared cognition in future ATM

    • Status: Completed
    • From April 2011 until July 2013

    Perturbation management of 4D trajectories. C-SHARE, Joint ATM Cognition through Shared Representations, aimed to develop a novel representation of the tactical and ...