Picture of Dr. ir. Mark Wentink

Dr. ir. Mark Wentink

  • CTO Desdemona Ltd. and Simendo Ltd.

CTO Desdemona Ltd. and Simendo Ltd.

As co-owner and director of technology of two simulator companies, Mark Wentink has a wide experience in the field of applied simulation for research, training and education. At Simendo Ltd. he is responsible for research and development of training solutions in surgery and at Desdemona Ltd. he operates a unique motion simulator for pilot training and perception research. In Desdemona pilots train to handle extreme conditions in flight, such as disorientation and stalls.

Mark Wentink received his master of science degree in Aeronautical Engineering working on the optimisation of flight simulation at the Delft University of Technology, and obtained his PhD-degree ‘cum laude’ with a thesis entitled: “Handeye coordination in minimally invasive surgery: Theory, practice & training“.

We closely collaborate with Mark and Desdemona for our research on motion cueing and helicopter simulator fidelity.

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