Picture of Dr ir J. Ellerbroek
Principal Investigator

Dr ir J. Ellerbroek

  • Urban Aerial Mobility (UAM): Airspace design and airborne conflict resolution, CNS/ATM
  • Member since August 2007

Assistant Professor

Joost Ellerbroek received his MSc degree in Aerospace Engineering and a PhD on the design and evaluation of cockpit displays for airborne separation applications, from the TU Delft, faculty of Aerospace Engineering. He has been involved in several research projects, ranging from identification and modelling of pilot control behaviour as a function of visual and vestibular cues, Fault Tolerant Control, and haptic feedback systems, to the design of several airborne separation cockpit interfaces, an investigation of the emergent properties of self-separated airspace, extended arrival management feasibility studies, ADS-B quality studies, and airspace complexity analysis.

He is assistant professor with the CNS/ATM chair in the Control and Operations department of the faculty of Aerospace Engineering. He teaches the Python course in the BSc curriculum, and the Air Traffic Management course in the MSc curriculum, is involved in several practicals in the BSc and MSc curriculum, and supervises several MSc and PhD students. His current work focuses on urban airspace design and separation algorithms, but also in general topics of airspace complexity and capacity analysis, data mining applications for ATM, analysis of future ATM concepts such as the extended arrival manager, and new approach procedures, and several other ASAS-related studies.

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