Picture of Dyah Jatiningrum
Alumni Dyah Jatiningrum

  • PhD Student

Project Description

The objective of this PhD research project is to develop a calibration procedure that produces calibration models for any type of inertial sensor and to be implemented on the Acutronic AC2266L 2-axis calibration table operated by the Control and Simulation section. The new calibration procedure will be used to calibrate both high grade sensors (Honeywell, Litef, JAE and Fizoptika) as well as low grade MEMS based sensors. The calibrated sensors will form the heart of a new inertial measurement unit (IMU) that will be flown aboard the Cessna Citation II laboratory aircraft operated by the Delft University of Technology and the Dutch Aerospace Laboratory (NLR). The final test, therefore, is to compare the output of the calibrated sensors to those of the existing IMU while performing flight test manoeuvres with the Citation laboratory aircraft.


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