Picture of Drs. Marian Schuver- van Blanken

Drs. Marian Schuver- van Blanken

  • ATM complexity and training


Marian Schuver-van Blanken is a Senior Human Factors Consultant at Air Traffic Control the Netherlands and has over 18 years of experience in the field of air traffic controller performance. She has a background in Educational Science (MSc) and she is determined to uncover the secrets of succesful human performance in complex dynamic, safety critical systems. Central to all her work are the questions of why air traffic control (ATC) is complex, what characterizes controller expertise and what constitutes safe performance, how it can be trained for and how complexity can reduced by procedure & system design. She has been involved in both nowadays and future ATC concepts from an operational, human factors and a training perspective. She develops the human factors vision and strategy, analyses and solves complex human factors issues as well as clarifies controller performance in operational practice. Further, she focuses on the management of change from an operational perspective.