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Tugrul Irmak, MSc.

  • Motion sickness and comfort in automated driving

Motion sickness and comfort in automated driving

I graduated from the University of Bristol with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. My graduation thesis entailed the development of an artificial driving assist system
that used reinforcement learning in association with traditional control methods for cruise control and lane keeping.

I joined the department of Cognitive Robotics at TU Delft on the October of 2017. The topic of my research is comfort in automated driving, with a focus on mathematical modelling of motion sickness. Where these models are to be based on the processes by which we think the brain generates motion sickness. This means untangling the relationship between sensory integration and state estimation, with motion sickness.

My work at Delft consists of both running experiments in the lab but also putting pen to paper and fitting both my own and other works within a principled framework. We believe that developing such models will make comfortable control of the coming generation of autonomous vehicles all the more feasible!

In my down time I quite like running, climbing and just generally traveling in challenging terrain.

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