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Haptic Interaction

Haptics is the science of the sense of feel and touch. Haptic interfaces use forces, generally on the hands, to transmit information. Forces on a control device typically lead to a direct influence from the haptic system on the control input, creating a situation of shared control.
  • Evidence-Based Control Loading Requirements

    • Status: Active
    • From June 2016 until June 2016

    Anyone who ever tried to control a flight simulation game with a keyboard only, will appreciate the feeling of good control devices. When we grab a steering wheel, o...

  • Haptic support for UAV collision avoidance

    • Status: Active
    • Since October 2015

    The operation of helicopter or multirotor UAV’s in built environments and environments with moving obstacles is difficult, because the motion possibilities of...

  • Systematic Framework for Teleoperation with Haptic Shared Control

    • Status: Completed
    • From May 2012 until April 2017

    Teleoperation – performing tasks remotely by controlling a robot – permits the execution of many important tasks that would otherwise be infeasible for people to...