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Control Theory Applications

  • Fault Tolerant Control

    • Status: Active
    • Since October 2011

    Fault Tolerant Control (FTC) methods are aimed at providing new levels of damage resilience to aircraft, spacecraft, and drones. Two different approaches are investi...

  • Control Allocation of Over-Actuated Aircraft

    • Status: Active
    • Since May 2016

    This project is a collaboration between Lockheed-Martin and the Control & Simulation division. The goal of the project is to investigate new control allocation m...

  • Active Flow Control

    • Status: Active
    • Since April 2014

    Application of our new Active Flow Control approach may result in significantly reduced aerodynamic drag, improved noise characteristics, and improved lift characte...

  • Fast and high-performance control for E-ELT optical instruments

    • Status: Completed
    • Since September 2013

    Adaptive optics (AO) are used in large telescopes to compensate for disturbances in the atmosphere as well as vibrations of the telescope’s optical components....