Solution Space Visualizer

  • Developed in Java
  • First release in 2011

Solution space visualizer

This application, programmed in Java using OpenGL, is an interactive demo showing how aircraft restrict the available solution space in speed and heading of a selected aircraft. For more information on these so-called velocity obstacles, please go here or here.



This application runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX and requires a graphics card supporting OpenGL > 2.0 and the shader language. To make it run on Mac OSX, you need to install the JAVA 6 package provided by Apple and manually remove the file /System/Library/Java/Extensions/vecmath.jar.



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Our research concentrates on establishing a rational and systematic framework for physics-based modelling and simulation at rotorcraft applicable to the practices and processes involved in flight dynamics modelling, flight simulator development and handling qualities.The models we develop are according to the application considered and to the required level of fidelity.

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