Picture of Ir. Tom van Dijk
PhD Candidates

Ir. Tom van Dijk

  • PercEvite: Sense and avoid technology for small drones


We are happy to introduce a new PhD student – Tom van Dijk – within the project “PercEvite: Sense and avoid technology for small drones”.

Tom recently graduated from Delft University of Technology with a double MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering and in Systems & Control, with a specialization in robotics and a thesis on low-memory visual route following for Micro Aerial Vehicles.
In this new project, Tom will combine computer vision and machine learning techniques for the development of a lightweight collision avoidance package for small drones. Self-supervised learning will be used to extend the range and accuracy of visual obstacle detection. At a later stage, hear-and-avoid an RF ranging capabilities will be added to detect and avoid other vehicles.
Tom’s promoter is Max Mulder and his daily supervisor is dr. Guido de Croon.

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