Picture of TU Delft Cybernetics team gives away prize to charity

TU Delft Cybernetics team gives away prize to charity

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TU Delft Cybernetics team gives away prize to charity

In October 2019, the TU Delft Cybernetics team received a prestigious award from the IEEE Society of Systems, Man & Cybernetics: the Andrew P. Sage Award for the “best journal paper published in 2018 in the IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems”. In their paper, titled Manual Control Cybernetics: State-of-the-Art and Current Trends the team identifies several fundamental shortcomings and proposes a new framework for bringing theory and methodology to the level required for addressing current real-world issues.

The team (Max Mulder, Daan Pool, David Abbink, Erwin Boer, Peter Zaal, Frank Drop, Kasper van der El, and René van Paassen) has decided to donate the prize (2,500 US$) to charity, for which the “Liliane Fonds” was selected, which helps handicapped children in under-developed countries.


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