Picture of Five C&S winners in the 2017 Aerospace Engineering PhD Symposium

Five C&S winners in the 2017 Aerospace Engineering PhD Symposium

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On January 19th, the 2017 edition of the AE PhD Symposium was held, where aerospace engineering PhD students have the opportunity to present their work, and find out more about the research of their peers.

During this symposium, organized by the PhD Board and Graduate School of the AE faculty, 120 PhD students presented their research. For each of the 12 themed sessions, a jury selected a best presenter based on criteria such as technical content, time management, and presentation skills. Out of all, a total of five sessions were won by C&S students for which the winners received a typical, wind-proof, Delft umbrella.
Our winners in the picture, from left to right: Kimberly McGuire, Dirk Van Baelen, and Ivan Miletović
Not in this picture: Ewoud Smeur, Tim Visser (joint PhD with Astrodynamics)

The AE News item can be found here:

If you are interested in all PhD subjects, look for the booklet at:

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